About Us

Larica has emerged as one of the leading residential and commercial developer in eastern India. We are developing real estate projects throughout the India, including Kolkata, Guwahati, Jamshedpur, Jaipur. Larica glowingly recognized for affordable modern project in the very best locations and acknowledged as an organization which is committed to customers satisfaction by combining innovative features with the latest engineering technologies. Larica is fully committed to sustaining and supporting the real estate market while exploring opportunities across the India. A reputation earned over 40 years, larica has been in the property development business since 1977 and have successfully achieved its development targets and business goals. Its highly experienced team and value together with unmatched customer satisfaction allowed larica to enjoy its superior market reputation for commitment. Our residential and commercial developments have set new industry standards and offer customers unparalleled quality, exceptional value and a chance for a new modern lifestyle.

  • Mission

    Our aspiration and strategy is to redefine benchmarks in the real estate market. Our projects to set new industry standards and offer customers unparalleled quality, value and a chance for a new lifestyle.

  • Vision

    Creation of residential projects that meet the value and ensure buyers satisfaction with attention to every small details and customer requirements.

  • Core Values

    We build state-of-the-art projects that satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our most valuable clientele by innovation, integrity & loyalty, social responsibility and excellence.

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