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Vastu Tips To Follow While Buying A New Flat

  1. Following Vastu brings Happiness and Success throughout Your life.
  2. It is believed that if the Vastu of the house is wrong, then many unpleasant things may happen .
  3.  A Direction Guide.
  4. Don’t book a new flat or shift to your new house on a Tuesday or Saturday as they considered unlucky .
  5. Avoid flats constructed in the North East or South West corners .
  6. While buying the flat, ensure that the drainage system is in the North, North West or West direction
  7. If the flat has a balcony, then the slope of the balcony should be towards the North or East direction.
  8. If there is a room on the terrace of the flat, it should be on the South West corner.
  9. Use light colours on your walls like Cream, White, Yellow, Blue, and Green for positivity.
  10. Buying flats with balconies in the East and North are considered best.
  11. Avoid buying flats with balconies to the South.
  12. It is a better choice to buy flats with Rectangular or Square shape.
  13. Avoid buying a flat that has kitchen and toilets in the North East.
  14. Book flats that have Windows in the North or East directions.
  15. Avoid using dark colours like Black , Grey in your flat as they signify negativity.
  16. The room in the East or North West should be made the drawing room.
  17. The desks in the study rooms should be placed in the East or North directions.
  18. If you have images of deities, hang them on the walls in West or East.